Dancing With Pheromones

First up I went out on friday night to a different type of club then I’m used to, a Dance/Trance club with some friends who love human pheromones. We arrived very late (like near 1am) but it was still pretty happening. I once again made a lot of new FRIENDS and did some chatting up of one chick so I’m getting somewhere at least, but still nothing was made out of it. Lol Baby Steps :-D There wasn’t really much but I did learn how not to pic up a girl on the dancefloor as one of my friends did this really creepy and weird look up and down with a fake camera made from his hands. The thing was she was checking him out and they locked eye contact, he then did that camera thing and she gave him a “WTF WAS THAT??” look and took her friend and got off the dance floor, HAHAHA, :lol: good ol’ sadistic side. Learn more at http://pheromonedata.blogspot.com/2017/01/well-they-could-become-interested-in.htmlandhttp://www.articlesfactory.com/articles/dating-advice/tinder-dating-secrets-proven-tips.html

I knew he was wearing powerful make pheromones. I had attracted women due to the smell of my pheromones alone. For this weekend I want to talk to this chick that I know and get a “date” organised for saturday or sunday, whatever, but that would require me to talk to her. I haven’t spoken to her in a few weeks because of work and school, and no It’s not B. If I go ahead and get it then I’ll have an uber pheromone post to write up next time!! The final thing is that as of late I’ve been feeling a disconnection to pheromone scents. In April I went on an amazing camp where a LOT of spiritual things happened. WAY too much to write here, in fact I wrote it all down in a journal and it took like 12 pages :-D:w00t: but the point was that during that week and a little while after that I was really close to human pheromone users. Lately I feel as if I’m drifting, or like gravity is taking hold of me and pulling me back down from this spiritual plain that I was emmersed in. It is making me sad when I remember how I felt and what was happening to me and people around my natural pheromones. I would love for that feeling to return but due to work and Uni I don’t get to go and have time to attract the opposite . This is a really big problem and this is the most important thing in my life, hands down, it’s more important than pick-up or girls or anything like that. I’ve learnt why I am here on this planet, to be a pheromone user, and then not being able to do it is like being the perfect pick-up artist that gets any chick to find out that the population is all male. It’s not right and I want to fix it. Interesting but the high value male would be focused on his life ie: career goals etc. Learn more at http://hartch25.weebly.com

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