Pheromones really work to increase attraction

The other guys also tried to put a little bit of pressure on me
and I thought it is a good situation to demonstrate “balls” so I told
them “sure I will talk with them in a bit about how pheromones work”.

We talked 10-15 more minutes and I went to the rest room and on
the way back I talked with the girls. Learn more at and  

I felt confident and they responded well to my pheromone perfume.
I went direct: “I do not know why but I wanted to talk to you, so I
decided to come over and introduce myself”. We exchanged names and I told
them: “Listen, we are going to some club in 1 hour, join us”, they
agreed and I ejected, telling them I will talk with them latter. (I noticed one
of the guys was taking pictures of me and the girls which I don’t know how to
classify but I would never do). learn more about pheromones at 

Latter 2 girls arrived, our “player” colleague and his
african friend called them. One of them was HB7.5, nice face, slim and
talkative, the other one was a fatty with DD tits also very talkative, nice

I did not know what was the arrangement initially so I was not
going to hit on them. HB7.5 introduced herself to everyone, including myself,
we shake hands and she mentioned that she saw me in the morning at breakfast
using sex pheromones.

For next hour everyone was talking and having fun and drinking,
I got  one beer and moved to water.

HB7.5 was talking a lot and occasionally adressing me playfully,
that I am quiet or boring. I think I was pretty much unaffected/unreactive. In
couple of occasions I overplayed it (yep I am the most borring man you have met
in your entire life, bla bla)

Two more girls came, one of them looked like was relly into my
“player” friend, so I started to talk with the HB7.5 and I think we
connected on different topics, one of them – “self-improvement”.
Couple of more girls arrived, one of them was girlfriend of our african friend.
We talked more and then she mentioned that she leaves far away and needs to go
soon. I asked her if she can drop us off at our hotel (myself and 2 other
guys), she agreed. In 30 minutes we were in her car and I really lead the
entire interaction, I was in great state: talkative, fun, playful and able to
come up with witty comebacks fast. We flirted back and forth, the other guys
were sitting quiet at the back seat.

She droped us @ the hotel and the guys at the back thanked and
left the vehicle, I stayed for a bit and told her: “Come I want to show
you something”. She was resistant so I went out of vehicle, opened her
door and told her: “Lets go, we are both adults, we can do what we are
comfortable with”.

I went closer and kissed her. Pheromones really work to increase attraction.

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