Top Lebanese Fashion Blogs To Follow

Lebanon has emerged as the fashion hub creating an icon in the world where international top brands and high end designer’s labels are further creating their identity. Lebanese fashion designers whose unique couture and ready-to-wear creations have taken the international fashion scene by storm. As their stars continue to shine, the Lebanon they love makes room for a host of emerging, young talents whose futures look just as promising.

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Now, here are the selected blogs where a diverse mix of fashion and beauty tips can be found.

Nouchaline: My Fashion Blog

Aline is your normal shoe-addicted girl who loves and appreciates fashion, who also happens to live in one of the most fashionable cities in the world: Beirut, Lebanon. If you want to enjoy a look at affordable fashion and beauty items selected by a young person, you should definitely follow Aline. And if you find a gap in Aline’s posts, make sure you also follow her on Twitter for a more day-to-day feed of fashion news.

Le Blog De Chanty

Chanty’s blog is a collection of stories about her daily life: at work, with her friends, at the gym and her passion for cosmetics, fashion, sports, bachata, and tea. Chantal also religiously covers all beauty releases, new lifestyle products and of course fashion events across Beirut.

Notre Closet

A blog by incredibly fashionable twins with unique styles and incredible picture-taking quality that can compete with magazines. These ladies truly have a flair for mixing and matching outfits and enticing you to do the same.

Sunset De Amor

Sisters Salma and Ginan believe that fashion is a projection of where we are going in life, of who we are or wish to be. They like to share their quests of injecting their dose of individualism into each and every one of their outfits because passion is at the base of everything and our passion is fashion.

L’Armoire de Lana

You cannot miss out on this star-blogger. Lana has been leading the scene of fashion blogging from its nascence in Lebanon and inspiring others to follow suit. Check out her blog for collaborations with top designers and some haute couture looks as well as everyday styles.

Bowtie Arabia

Lebanese blogger George H. Khabbaz offers fashion content and plenty of useful tips not for women, but males, for a change. “We love fashion too,” read the “About us” section of the blog. Bowtie Arabia is a website worth checking out not only for outfit ideas, but also for best-buys-of-the-day, news, as well as relevant announcements and opportunities.

Playing with Fashion

For amazing money-saving tips, remixing outfits sensibly and tips on sensible shopping make sure to follow Maya’s blog. You will get amazing ideas for everyday items and how to spice up any look through detailed tutorials and much more.

Pretty Capricieuse

Elsa Abi Khalil is studying business administration at the American University of Beirut and she likes to share her interests in cuisine, health, style and couture sometimes. On her blog you will find some amazing do-it-yourself tips, recipes, products reviews and a raving youthful spirit!

Fashion to Tracy

“Fashion to Tracy” is a reflection of Tracy’s approach to the world of fashion. The vintage classic style that she follows, talking about the greatest couturiers that shaped style and the way women dress up, her latest makeup picks on her beauty counter, to her activities in Beirut by covering the biggest events and supporting Lebanese designers from A to Z.

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