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– [Narrator] Hey everybody,welcome to my bedroom tour.

Today's video was highlyrequested by a lot of viewers from my other videos, soI popped in here to do like a mini room tour.

I don't feel like my roomis actually finished yet.

I just kinda spruced it up a little bit just so that I can, you know, show you what I'm working with.

I consider my style to be romantic, French, with a sprinkleof modern mixed in.

And I don't like toreally rush decorating.

I like to take my time andfind pieces that I like, and put them together, andpray that they're all cohesive.

So it takes me a little bitlonger to do my decorating, which is why I say, you know,it's kinda not ready yet.

Some pieces that are out right now, I'm unsure about them.

Meaning, I like them, but I'm not sure like themin the room full-time yet.

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They say diamonds area girl's best friend, and I believe thatevery girl is a diamond, and that she should always be reminded, so therefore, I havethis beautiful diamond Okay, It's not real of course, that I got from Z Galleriealong with the stand.

The stand didn't actually come with it, but when I was checking out, I saw it, and it was just sittingthere, and I was like, "Can I have that?" and they were like, "Well,it belongs to something else.

"But, we don't know what it belongs to.

"But, go ahead and have it.

" So I just thought thatthey were a perfect match.

I got this decorativeplate from HomeGoods, but the stand from eBay.

Oh, and the two vases in the corner, I got them from HomeGoods as well.

Super cute.

My television had tofit in this little cove.

It was super hard, but Igot the TV from Amazon.

As well this rack underneathfrom Amazon as well.

I watch my TV through Roku, and I use a Sonos player for the speakers.

Let the sunshine in with this sunflower.

This one and the othermagnolia on the other wall, I got from Lamps Plus.

I think.

It's made by a company called Utmost, and they make the mostbeautiful pieces of everything.

Lamps, mirrors, wall decor, everything.

And their pieces tends to be high-quality, but they're just really expensive.

I got my lamps from Overstock, but the shades I got from Lamps Plus.

I actually purchased them a few years ago, so I think I'm definitelygonna replace the base, and just revamp my lamp.

(laughs) That sounds like a domain.

Revamp my lamp.

Or an actual show.

The tissue holder I got from Frontgate.

My empty picture frame,I got from Z Gallerie.

And the book, I got from Amazon.

And you know how I feelabout my Dipty candles.

They are so bomb, you guys.

You gotta have them.

They smell good, they really do.

And I can't rememberwhere I got the cat from, but I think it was HomeGoods.

The flowers I got from Joann's of course, but the ones on the right, I got from a long time ago from Pier One.

Beside my nightstand, I liketo keep some reading materials, and for 2018, the book I'mreading, or starting to read, is Get Over Your Damn Self.

Yeah, get over your dang self.

(laughs) Yes, and I don't know ithas a catchy title so, we'll see how it goes, I'll let you know.

Okay you guys, I love this bed.

I celebrate my bed.

I buy balloons for my bed.

Okay, I'm totally kidding.

I just had video left-overfrom my birthday.

I thought it was so cute.

So I wanted to put it infor you guys to see it.

So cute right? I got the bed from HomeDecorators.

Com, as well as the nightstands and they were This whole set was actually a beige color, and I painted the bed white.

So, I've always lovedthe look of a canopy bed, and this one, it just fit the bill.

So yeah, I love it.

It's comfortable, queen-sized, and the bedding is justplain, simple, white linen.

I definitely have to upgrademy linen for the bed, because it's not that cute yet.

But, the pillow I had made.

The silver pillow, with the rhinestone, I had that one made at a furniture store.

But the two sheet pillows,you can get those on Amazon.

And, is that it? I think that's pretty much it.

Everything else is justthe basic white sheets.

I generally like white sheets, I don't usually use colorful sheets, because I like to know thatmy sheets are getting clean, and there's like a bunch of body oil that comes onto the sheet.

That I have to get out,and so I generally like to soak it, and soak it toget the oils out and stuff.

And, if it's a colorfulsheet, I can't really see it.

So I prefer white sheets,so that way I can just get them out and know that they're clean.

Now I like to do Netflix and chill, but I have to have somesort of snacks in my room.

So I generally try to keepcandy, because I love candy.

And bottled water as well.

My favorites are these gummy worms, love gummy worms that are sour.

And, I try to keep, youknow, some snacks in these sealed jars, which aresmall, and dainty, and cute.

It reminds me of fancy hotel as well, but I love having stuff to just snack on and readily available.

I don't keep it here, I actuallykeep it closer to the bed, but it just look cute here so, I thought I would just, youknow, share that for the video.

Okay, so the dish underneathit I got from Amazon.

I got it as a gift, actually,but it was on Amazon.

The throw, I actually got from HomeGoods, and that's a piece that may notstay along with the ottoman.

But, I do like the ottoman because it has a lot of storage in it, but I don't like the style of it anymore.

Because I've had it for a few years, and I'm ready to upgrade tosomething more, something cuter.

And then the rug, you knowI'm in love with this rug that I got from Overstock, andit's very beautiful you guys.

I love it, it brightens up the room.

I'm thinking of taking thecarpet up out of my room, and actually just do wood floors.

But, I'm not sure yet, Imight because, like I said, it's been there for a while, and I think I might be ready for wood floors.

And, yeah, I think that's it.

Oh, and this mirror, I got from Pier One, and I painted it white.

It came and it was ivory,again, but I painted it white.

And, it's beautiful, I love this mirror.

And it looks heavy, but it's actually not.

As far as photos, andpictures, and topography, and stuff like that for my walls.

I like 3D dimensional stuff on my walls, as opposed to having pictures of flowers, and pictures of like, Chanelbags, and all that stuff.

I can't do that.

I can't wake up in the morningeveryday, and see that.

It kinda influences mythinking for some reason, so I prefer clean walls,and just simple stuff.

And it's like I, my brain, isable to just grow on its own without being influenced bysomething, if that makes sense.

So I don't like, I justlike plain and lit.

It's just a weird thing, I don't know if anyoneunderstands what I'm saying, but I just don't liketo see stuff like that.

That kind of influences my thinking, If I wake up in the morning and I see it.

I rather have something simple on my wall.

I'm definitely gonna havesome more wall art added, but it's gonna be stuff that I create.

Speaking of create, I actually came up with this idea to put these doors onmy wall; my door panels.

I got them on Amazon.

They are so freakin' cute you guys, At least I think so right now, because I just put them up.

I just got them like, three days ago.

So, and I rushed to do thembecause I wanted to put them on this video, but they're not done yet.

Because, I have an amazingidea of how I want to do this, so you're definitely going to want to check out this nextvideo that I'm gonna do, where I greet renovatedthese actual doors.

I'm gonna put a little clipin here so that you can see what they look like when I first got them, as to how they look now.

And I'm about to, I'mgonna either add a mirror, or paint them again, I don't know yet, but I do know that I'mdefinitely gonna do more than just leave them like that, but I was inspired by Paris, and London, and the buildings and stuff like that, So, and they have thisparticular look that I just love and I just can't waitto go to Paris to shoot in front of those buildings, and this kind of reminds me of that, so that's why I chose this for my wall.

But these are so cute, I love it.

I love, love, love them.

And I just really,really, really love them.

But, yeah, I painted the wood, and the top part.

So, I'll leave the linkin the description area underneath this videoso I can show you guys where I got all this stuffthat's in the video, too.

And I cannot wait to takepictures for Instagram, in front of these things,'cause they are so adorable.

They would just rock my Instagram.

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Like, I just cannot waitto share it with you, my actual vision ofthis when it's all done.

And also add my closet tour in there.

So, thank you for watching, you guys.

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I will see you in the next video.

Thanks for watching, bye.