Kid-Friendly Living Room Ideas

Hi, I'm Pam and I'm Alan.

And these are our kids, Maddie, Pepper, Avery.

And we're the Soong family.

This is our home, our living room.

This is the room where all of the kids spend the most time And as you can see, there are a lot of toys, a lot of books, a lot of art supplies.

So this room encapsulates really sort of all of the activities that the kids do.

There's no realorganization here.

It looks very messy and this is also a room where we inviteour friends.

It's our family room but it is effectivelyour home.

On a personal note, I've been at home for eight years and it's been a joy.

However the only time I haven't worked outside of the homewas when I had my kids.

I want them to see me not just as their mom butsomebody who can be a role model for them inside and outside of the home.

Andquite frankly this room represents sort of the last big project I needed tooverhaul.

I want to give this room to the kids where they have thespace to play, to learn.

I'm excited to build again, like building book shelves, I just build anything.

Alright you've gotta teach them to build some stuff too! Ok! I mean, when I look at the pictures andthe art, it just reminds me of these little lives growing, and I think ourexperience is actually really relatable.

I think that families come to this pointin their life where they feel like their house is a little out of control.

Clearing out the room, it seemed like a huge burden initially, and I felt like Ireally wouldn't be able to do this.

But as I was doing this, I felt that it wasso important to actually take the time to think about this and to actually getrid of stuff and that it's actually doable.

The time spent doing it in thelong run, it just really transformed the space and they know where everythinggoes now.

It's not just decorating necessarily, it's really about how yousolve a problem and every room is really a problem to be solved.

It is such a deepbreath and exhale to be in this room.

It's fantastic! How do you guys feel about the room? I'm totally freaking out!.

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