Living Room Decorating Ideas

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I received so many commentsduring my Christmas video saying, "Show me your house.

" And I find it to be superawkward to do that, but why not? So, I hope my design inspires you, but just for the recordI am not a designer.

I just do what comes naturalto me and what I feel.

So, hopefully, whatI've done inspires you.

But let's get started, let'sstart with this back wall.

The first thing I did was Ihung a valance, is it a valance? No, I hung a Roman shade,I think it's a Roman shade.

And I ordered it from this company.

I think it was blinds.

Comor something like that and they sent me an ivroy one, even though it was supposed to be white.

Some people think that whiteand ivory are the same colors.

Well, guess what? They'reso not, they're not.

Have you guys ever had this happen? But I did my best to make it work, anyway.

I think it came out cute.

And I also added the crownmolding on top of that, but I think I'm gonnabuy some different fabric and switch it up.

Let's swing over to theother part of the wall.

This wall was made ofplaster, so it was really hard to hang a flat-screen TV on it.

So, I came up with a really cool idea to build a wall on a wall, yeah mhm.

I got those skills from my mom.

My mom was a former general contractor and she taught me how to build things and use tools and things like that.

So, love you, thanks mom.

I bought this fire placeto go into this wall, as well as, be able tohang my flat-screen TV with the chords not showingbecause it just looks so much better without the chords showing and it's so much cleanerand I dropped all the chords down to the left bottom of the wall.

So, they all come out of one hole.

And then, I added a lightto the top of this wall, as well as, the crown molding, so, yeah.

I added two brass candlesconces on the sides of the TV along with this amazingly,fabulous looking white vase.

How gorgeous is that? It is tall and it has allthese beautiful curves, just like me, okay I'mjust playin' (laughs).

But I added this tropicalplant I got from Lowe's.

The vase I got from theflower market, Downtown L.


So, they were like, "Are yougonna put this at a, you know, "event or something?" I'm like, no I'm gonna put it in my house.

They kyna looked at me like I was crazy.

But I think it's such abeautiful pot, very beautiful.

And these wood floors,I had those installed, as well, when I moved in.

Check out this rug I got from Overstock.

It is so cute, right? I originally bought it for my bedroom, but then, I just tried it outin the living and I like it.

And I actually just got it yesterday.

So, it hasn't reallyacclimated to my house yet because it's kyna flippingup, as you can see.

But I think I might just keep the sheepskin rug on theright in here, instead.

I dunno.

We'll see.

It's kind of a shimmerysilver it's so cute.

And it's not really gray,it's not a dark gray like it looks on the camera.

It's actually a shimmery silver.

As far as the seating goes,I wanted something durable.

So, I purchased these twowingback chairs, as well as, my sofa that's got thateasy to wipe off material so that it doesn't get dirty.

But I always add a throw to mychairs so that no matter what if someone sits on the throwyou can always wash the throw.

And the sofa is easilycleaned with alcohol and a clean white cloth.

And this table I got from Z Gallerie.

So cute! I got it on sale.

But the sofa I got from Macy's and the two wingback chairsI got from homedecorators.

Com So, yeah, and those Iyou see the white throw, I actually leave those on thesofa for people to come over put their feet in and just wash the throw and it's no big deal and it stays white.

The white throw, as wellas the crochet blanket I got from Amazon and it's sosoft, you guys, it's so soft, but I don't think you can wash that one.

Those gray pillows that you're seeing throughout my house in other videos and stuff with the littlerhinestone in the middle, I actually had those made ata furniture store here in L.


I got these other pillowson the couch from HomeGoods and they are white with this, you know, silvery pattern on 'emthat kyna ties in the rug.

I am so sorry aboutthe lighting, you guys.

The sun keeps comingout and then, going out and then, it's cloudy and then, it's dark, and then, I have tokeep switching cameras.

So, it's just thrown off, I'm so sorry.

I'm really new at this, thisis my seventh video so far on YouTube, so hang inthere with me, I'm learning.

Now, I got these curtains from Overstock, as well as, these curtaintiebacks, super cute.

I ordered the curtains inwhite and they came in ivory.

And you know how I feel about that.

But they were 109 inches long,I really really like long, thick silk curtains, theyreally make your living room, or any room, look super classy.

And next to each window, Idecided to add two mirrors, one on each side and Igot these from Lamps Plus.

A chair like this takes my center stage and I love love love this chair.

I cannot wait to takepictures and Instagram it.

Oh my gosh, you guys, I'm gonna love it.

Speaking of Instagram, please follow me onInstagram @almondsummers.

I cannot wait to shoot in this chair.

It is so beautiful, I got it from Amazon.

I'll leave a link downin the description area underneath this video for you guys.

The rug I also got from Amazon so, yeah.

And the mirrors on the wall,those I bought from Z Gallerie.

And they, they're very unique,they're very expensive, and they are very hard to clean (laughs).

So, keep that in mind.

I styled it with the redflowers in this cute little ceramic vase on top ofthese cube floating shelves.

I think I killed it onthat one, kyna cute right? Now, you didn't think I wasgonna forget the accessories.

That no living room is complete without having some fun accessories.

I found this beautifulwhite and gold octopus at HomeGood along with the box to keep my remote controlsin from Z Gallerie.

I didn't know they had it atHomeGoods at the time (laughs).

Probably way cheaper, andthen, the candle guys, if you have not smelled Diptyque candles, you must try them, they smell so good! I got those (mumbles) tothe left from Living Spaces, and then, this beautiful, silhouette-looking lamp from HomeGoods.

They have some really amazinglamps, they really do.

I'm not gonna lie, I couldjust go crazy in that store.

And then, the car that's on the table, I got that one from HomeGoods, as well as, the two candle stands the goldones and then, the white urn.

As for my coffee table and my end table, I actually wanted something simple with clean legs and lines.

I didn't want anything to big.

Especially because of a busyrug or anything like that.

I like the simplicity of coffee tables.

So, I went with a glass coffee table and a glass end table thatI got from wayfair.

Com and yeah, they really reallyadd, you know, to my space.

Now, in my living room, Ialways like to keep some type of edible be it candy, fruit,or something for my guests when they come over becausethat's the kyna girl I am.

(laughs) But I just thinkthat every living room or space that you invitepeople over should have, you should have somethingfor them no matter what.

But that's it, you guys.

I will have to do a bartour in another video.

But I thank you so muchfor watching this video.

I hope you guys enjoyedmy living room tour.

My living room is always,as well as my house, a work in progress, it is never finished.

But I do hope I have entertained you and with my tour and inspired you.

So, thanks so much for watching.

Be sure to rate thisvideo, give it a thumbs up, and subscribe to my channel.

I will see you guys in my next video.

Thanks, bye!.

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