Your kitchen is one of the most importantrooms in your home, and needs to have appliances and a particular setup to be usable. IKEA can offer you a chance to dodge out ona lot of that cost. The furniture giant can provide you with alot of the items you need, including cabintetry, appliances, countertops, and sinks. You can […]

Hi, I’m Randy with BBQGuys. Com! Thinking about building your own outdoor kitchen? We always have customers ask us what productswe recommend they choose for their outdoor kitchen. Today we’re going to discuss the basic itemsthat are very popular in outdoor kitchens as well as introduce you to other items youmight not have thought about, but can definitely […]

Today, we’re discussing the design of thesmall bedroom. I included the word ‘master,’ not be confusedwith children’s rooms…which we’ll be discussing later. space is all relative, isn’t it? Some of these rooms probably aren’t as tinyas we’d expect…but they all still had something in common: I found them to be packedfull of great decor ideas, clever use of […]

This master bedroom is a trueretreat, complete with some seriously dreamy features. This space is located on theupper level of the house. And it's so private that italmost feels like completely separate living quarters. When you're layingin bed, you've got amazing eye-level viewsof the nature outside. So I stuck with thosesame grays and greens for the interior palette. […]

– [Narrator] Hey everybody,welcome to my bedroom tour. Today's video was highlyrequested by a lot of viewers from my other videos, soI popped in here to do like a mini room tour. I don't feel like my roomis actually finished yet. I just kinda spruced it up a little bit just so that I can, you know, show […]

Hi, I’m Karin, I own the design firm Karin Bennett Designshere in Burlington, Ontario. And I’m Jackie, and I’m a Lead Stylist here at Karin BennettDesigns. We’re in downtown Oakville at our clients’ house. This is a historic home, one hundred years old. This is ayoung couple, they have busy careers, they also have two young children. So […]

the goldleaf mirror above the fireplaceis ornamented with a great key motif the grandfather of classic patterns themirror does more than introduce classic lines however it also swings out toreveal a flat-screen TV this kind of cleverly concealed hard-working functionprovides one more clue to the meaning of elegant decorating efficiency appleproducts efficiency makes them the most elegant in […]