Small Kitchen Storage Organization Ideas

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If you got bored of your old kitchen designor you want to simply add a fresh touch of color and liveliness to your kitchen, thenyou should know that you can easily do this on a budget, without having to overspend.

take a look at these 13 Small Kitchen StorageOrganization Ideas.


Store with an old door.

You don't need the stress of installing apegboard to have a place to hang your favorite kitchen supplies: A slatted wooden door isthe perfect spot.


Upcycle wooden boxes.

Old wooden Champagne cases are the ideal sizefor storing small kitchen accessories like tea.

Add a colorful wallpaper or gift wrap to theback for an easy pop of cheer.


Use the sides of your cabinets.

If you have cabinets that don't butt up againsta wall, you've got a few square feet of bonus storage space.

It's true! You can hang a pot rail, add shelves, andmore.


Use the bottoms of your cabinets.

Just when you think your cabinets are totallyfull and they can't possibly hold another thing, consider the undersides of them! You can add hooks to the bottoms to hold mugsand small tools.

Or use magnetic strips to make a floatingspice rack.


Add shelves in all the placesPut shelf risers in your cabinets, hang shelves on any available wall space, and add littleshelves to your counter to free up space.


Steal space from neighboring roomsSo your kitchen is only five square feet? Try stealing a few extra inches from an adjacentroom.


Turn your stovetop into extra counter space.

During dinner prep, your stovetop is justwasted space.

That's why we love this idea to build burnercovers out of cutting boards.


Build a pantry between the studs.

If you don't have room to hang shelves (becausethey'll protrude out too far and take over your walking space), try adding shelves inthe wall between the studs.


Hang a magnetic knife rackWhen countertop space is at a premium, every square inch counts.

Squeeze out a bit more room by taking yourcutlery to the walls with a magnetic knife strip.


Add free-standing shelvesTake a note from professional restaurant kitchens and chefs (the people who know food best,of course!) and work a metal shelf into your room for added spots to stash everything frompots and pans to appliances.

You can't beat the extra square footage theypack in, and they add just a touch of an industrial vibe.


Handy Measurement Conversion Charta practical measurement conversion chart that will help you make sure you will never weighthe ingredients wrongly every again.


Hide clutter behind closed doors.

In a Chicago kitchen designed by Mick De Giulio,all the chaos is hidden behind closed doors, which open to reveal an expansive pantry.

Pull-out willow baskets hold fruit and vegetables.


Add shelving under your island countertopDo you see that little shelf under the countertop? It's a great way to add a lit bit of extrastorage for small dishes, magazines, or cookbooks.

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